Automation Testing is the Key to Product Quality

Our custom off-the-shelf automation testing tool - AutomQA delivers great performance and minimizes manual testing.
Automation Testing Tool’s pre-built scripts reduce time and maintain data integrity by removing manual coding errors.

Why Choose AutomQA?

Testing is often slow and error-prone. AutomQA is an automated testing tool designed to eliminate coding errors with built-in test scripts, business flow templates and many other automated functions.

Why is AutomQA Different?

AutomQA is a hybrid testing tool made for enterprise software applications built on Selenium framework. With both traditional and advanced functionalities, AutomQA is compatible with all platforms to perform advanced automation testing.

Features of AutomQA

AutomQA comes standard with many advanced features such as built-in framework, parallel testing process, and error handling. AutomQA’s multiple features allow you to save both cost and time.

The Benefits of AutomQA

Automation Testing Tool - AutomQA is the future of functional and regression testing. Our automated software seamlessly tests your software applications to deliver automated testing of functional, regression, GUI, and data-driven testing.

What makes AutomQA priceless is the built-in test scripts with embedded framework. With other testing software and methods you are required to code these manually. There is a better alternative. AutomQA knows how to test the application automatically. Whether you choose one functional test case to execute or multiple test cases, AutomQA is able to conform and accept all scenarios allowing you to sit back and relax.

Testing Made Easy

  • Eliminate Coding Efforts. AutomQA’s embedded framework simplifies test automation by eliminating the need for time-consuming, manual coding. It also eliminates the need for maintaining complicated and complex records.
  • Save Time and Money. AutomQA has been shown to reduce application testing times without compromising on the quality of your data. When you reduce time, you save money.
  • Adaptable. AutomQA is a specialized testing tool, yet comprehensive enough to handle functional test cases required for most applications. It’s smart componentization, automatic component and process flow change detection, as well as its smart reuse technology, make it adaptable to any organization.
  • Artificial Intelligence. AutomQA is not only adaptable to each test case, it is able to improve compatibility and customization with imbedded artificial intelligence.
  • No Development Required. With AutomQA you no longer need to spend time coding and developing complicated test cases. With our testing software the test scripts are already developed so you need only execute them.
Automation testing software designed to simplify and automate end-to-end functional testing for all type of software applications

Different from Traditional Tools

Different from any other traditional testing methods and software you’ve seen, AutomQA is a customizable, off-the-shelf tool designed to simplify and improve the quality of data testing for software applications embedded on Selenium frameworks. It uses the functionalities of Selenium then further improves the process by importing application GUI objects to run the automated functional testing process. AutomQA is the new and improved way to support business flows using application navigation templates to deliver accurate and timely test results.

AutomQA eliminates manual design and test script building
  • Business Templates.Our predefined business flow temples let you execute multiple test cases in your desired sequence.
  • Re-executable.Unlike traditional tools, AutomQA supports error logs and error handling with re-executable functionality.
  • User Interface.AutomQA is not only powerful, it’s user-friendly. Our easy to use GUI helps you define testing and manage the scope of your application. It also allows you to enable and disable screen captures in your reports.
  • Capture Screens.User friendly enable and disable screen captures in reports.

AutomQA Features

AutomQA comes with lot of custom automation testing features exclusively designed and developed for next-gen software applications.
The advanced and unique features make AutomQA as an ultimate COTs tool for the application testing. Key features:

Built-in Framework Test Scripts

If you have a framework, AutomQA builds scripts using our embedded solution to reduce development time.

Hybrid Testing Models

AutomQA supports Progression, Regression, sanity(smoke) testing, Retesting, and Iterative testing.

Parallel Testing processes

AutomQA has the ability to execute multiple test scripts at once without compromising the performance.

Large Data volumes

AutomQA has the ability to handle millions of lines of data using flexible and customizable batch frame work to load data by dividing it into chunks.

Test Business processes

AutomQA provides customizable business workflows for your application, give you additional enhancements for regression testing.

Status reports and Dashboard

AutomQA provides real-time visibility and insight into the project execution processes by giving you a user-friendly dashboard and easy to understand reports.


AutomQA keeps you statused with alerts for successful tests, failures, and other important notifications.

Data Base Compatibility

AutomQA is compatible with industry standard relational databases Oracle and DB2.

AutomQA is the companion to our industry leading and innovative data migration tool SWAN. By utilizing both tools together you can easily and efficiently migrate and test data without hours of manual coding and management.

To learn more, watch our demo video and learn how SWAN and AutomQA can help you integrate and test any data, in any format, for all your business projects. Watch Now.

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