Data Migration

Our state-of-the-art data migration tool specially designed to effectively convert and migrate data from outdated legacy applications
to advanced systems and frameworks with advanced data validation mechanism and real-time reporting.

What is Data Migration?

Data migration is the complex and often expensive process of transferring or combining data from multiple different sources and databases into a single application.

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Why Choose Data Migration Tool?

Our data migration tool easily and efficiently accommodates a large range of data sources and intelligently migrates your data with pre-defined templates that reduce the cost and time up to 80%.

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Why our Data Migration Software Different?

Our data migration tool eliminates the need for a long development process because every component required for data migration is ready to be deployed, especially for complex projects.

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The Challenges of Data Migration

Too often in the data migration process, data is lost or corrupted. When transferring information from an old legacy systems to a new advanced systems, the process is complex and time consuming. Cutting corners or attempting to integrate the data without the proper tools may seem appealing, but often results in costly and drawn out exercises of frustration. For organizations such as State Agencies, the risk is simply too high, not to get it right the first time.

Few Key Challenges

  • Designing and Building. This is the most challenging phase, and one many organizations fail to get right. A good data migration project is built on the foundation of initial design. This is where you will design and hand-code the rules of the project to handle different data according to your specifications.
  • Data Integration. With the base of an intelligent design you proceed to extracting data from the source system, transforming and cleansing it, and then loading it into the target system. Much more difficult than it sounds, this step requires a deep understanding of both the source and target system.
  • Data Quality. Once the migration is complete, it's important to validate the quality of the data in the new system. This requires multiple test cycles to ensure 100% transformation. Business functionality should be tested in this step as well.
  • Underutilization of Expertise. The data migration process requires that the experts on the data be present to help interpret and clarify the specifications of the transfer. If they are unavailable or underutilized, you will end up creating a system where those with access to data are unable to decode it.
  • Time Consuming. The largest obstacle organizations face when going through the data migration phase is the amount of time it takes from their employees working on non-income generating activities. When you consider the design, implementation and multiple phases of testing, the process becomes very time consuming.
  • Cost. Organizations often find themselves in a deep financial hole during the data migration process because of their lack of knowledge, expertise and use traditional migration tools.

These technical challenges are what often turn a simple data migration project into a budget and time consuming sink hole. Our data migration tool helps eliminate risk. With its ability to handle massive amounts of data, create detailed mapping specifications, intelligently eliminate duplicate data, and quickly validate the data transfer, you will find it's the best data migration tool available to save time and money.

Data Migration Software Designed to Provide Robust End-to-End Data Mapping, Data Validation and Database Migration Seamlessly

A data migration project is challenging and high risk. You shouldn't hand-code your data migration projects. SWAN tool that make it easy for you.

Data Migration Tool Minimizes Time, Resources and Cost for organizations to Migrate Large Volumes of Data from Legacy Systems.

Benefits of Our Data Migration Tool

Simply stated, our data migration tool efficiently eliminates risk. Developed and designed by highly skilled engineers and data migration experts, PRITNA has created a tool that is robust enough to handle all scenarios with ease and save you time and money.

Here's how data migration tool will help your organization:

  • Save Time. There is no need to hand-code your migration process. Data migration tool utilizes predefined templates that easily automate the process, saving you and your staff time.
  • Reduce Cost. They say time is money. Data migration tool will bring down the project cost by using predefined and proven design processes. This automation can reduce the project cost by up to 40%.
  • Quality Analysis. With AutomQA, our automated testing tool, manual testing is no longer required to validate the data. Our tool can easily test both data and functionality.
  • Ready to Use. Simplicity makes our data migration tool as the ideal solution. With built-in functionality for data mapping and data transformations, you can easily move the data in just a few steps across projects.
  • Sample Data. Data migration tool - SWAN allows you to test your newly developed target system by loading in the functional test data for testing. This way you can test your new application while still working with original data to validate the functionality.

Our Data Migration Tool - SWAN is the premier solution for data migration and integration. Learn more about the features of our data migration tool, and how your organization can benefit from this powerful tool!

Features of Our Data Migration Tool

Our data migration tool is ideal for enterprise software applications and mission-critical data migration projects. Our data migration tool combines data conversion and migration with enterprise class functionality such as version control, change data management, and parallel scalability. Here's why you should choose our data migration tool:

No Hand-Coding

Hand-coded initiatives are often time consuming and error-prone. Our data migration tool is faster, easier, and easily customizable to any project or system.

Data Validation

Multiple data sources often bring duplicate records into your target system. Our data migration tool will eliminate duplicate people, employers and representatives automatically.

High Performance

Our data migration tool uses parallel processing and multi-thread execution for independent processing, which means increased performance.

Large Data volume

Our data migration tool has the ability to handle millions of lines of data using flexible and customizable batch frame work to load data by dividing it into chunks.

Data Mapping

Our data migration tool allows you to eliminate the traditional mapping concept. It is built to understand source and target templates, and that means no mappings is required for both the source and target system.


SWAN - Data Migration Tool provides real-time visibility and insight into the project execution processes by giving you a user-friendly dashboard and easy to understand reports.


With email notifications for migration execution status, success, and failure, you will always be up to date concerning the status of your data migration project.


More than any other data migration tool on the market, our data migration tool transforms the value of your data and gives you fast, effective, solutions that fit your situation and meet your needs.

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SWAN - Data Migration Tool is the industry leading and innovative solution for your data migration needs. With years of development by specialized engineers, researchers, and data migration specialists, we have finally designed a data migration tool that combines all solutions into one package.

You can now migrate data from your outdated legacy systems into a new system with ease. No more development cycle required. No more need to spend days and weeks testing the data for quality. Everything is automated and no performance improvements required. SWAN, data migration tool was designed to reduce your data migration efforts by up to 90%, and it does exactly that.

Your new system will have OOTB functionality, 100% business scenarios to test functionality, and be ready for functional testing by using AutomQA.

To learn more, watch our demo video and learn how data migration tool can help you integrate any data, in any format, for all your business projects.

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