• Software development and consulting service provider.
    Specialists in Enterprise Software Development
    We provide the tools and expertise to lower
    costs and time of Software Development Services
  • Data migration
    Data Migration Tool - SWAN
    The advanced data migration tool developed
    to handle data migration from legacy systems with speed and ease
  • Automation testing
    Automation Testing Tool - AutomQA
    Minimize cost, time and avoid tying up
    resources by automating your Software Application Testing
  • Data management solution
    Data Manager – Data Management Platform
    A sophisticated and very powerful platform capable of ensuring a rigorous storage
    synchronization and analysis of high volumes of data.
  • Software consulting and innovation
    Consulting Services
    We provide enterprise software development consulting with a blend of
    in-house custom off-the-shelf tools to deliver outstanding experience


Our team of experts brings more than a decade of combined experience to address your software development and automation testing needs.


Our tools and software solutions are cutting-edge and innovative. We walk on the fine line of thinking outside the box yet not attempting to recreate the wheel.


You receive custom software development services for your customer specific needs. We don’t stop at delivering software services, but we partner to promote scalable solutions.

Who we are

We are team of experienced professionals with years of experience working on State Projects.
It’s this experience and understanding that has led us to develop new and automated methods of project development.
Our proprietary software products are user-friendly, yet solve complex problems. read more...

Empowering businesses and organizations with Software development and consulting services.

We aim to help System Integrators to reduce cost, time and complexity in data migration and software development projects.

A New Way

The traditional software project implementation methods may have ruled projects for decades, but there is now an innovative project implementation.
At PRITNA, we bring your business or foundation out of the old and into the new with our groundbreaking Software methods and solutions.


At PRITNA we’ve built our business on the fundamental belief that the future will require us to do more with less. With this in mind, we've made three brand new innovative products that embody this idea. Artificial intelligence is the core engine of our products. And it’s this automation that will dramatically change the project life cycle resulting in cost and time savings for your business.

Ready-to-Go products

Our enterprise productsSWAN – Data Migration Tool and AutomQA – Automation Testing Tool, to handle complex data migration and testing for nearly every circumstance and situation. Imagine if no coding is required to migrate your data, or if manual testing is not required for quality analysis. Our automated off-the-shelf tools allow you to hit the ground running.

Enhanced Development Model

We have tested and proved that our hybrid development model can reduce time and cost needed for software development up to 90%. We take less time, consume less resources and transform the existing delivery model much more efficient, robust and cost effective.

Our vision to deliver innovative software products and development services.



We have developed unique products powered with artificial intelligence.
Each is flexible enough to perceive environments, and maximize the success of implementation at lightning speed.

Data migration tool

SWAN - Data Migraiton Tool

Data migration should be fast, error-free, and efficient. Our Data migration tool allows you to effectively migrate all data from your old system to the new without data corruption or loss.

Automation testing tool

AutomQA - Automation Testing Tool

Testing your software application should be automated and easy. Our AutomQA tool with inbuilt business scenarios simplifies the functional testing process and delivers flawless quality control.

Data management platform


Data should be easy to capture, report and understand. Data manager is an advanced and unique data mining tool that was built to simplify the gathering and presentation of data for effective decision-making.


We provide software development, data migration,
automation functional testing services that empower the agencies to deliver high quality services to customers read more...

Data Migration

We offer expert consulting and custom data migration services by implementing our enterprise data migration tool on-site at your premises to ensure atmost secure data migration and 100% data validation.

  • Legacy to New Systems
  • Person Match
  • Batch Process
  • Multi threading
  • OOTB Plugins

Quality Management

We help ensure your data is clean and complete with automated testing and review. Easily implement application quality management using our automated processes for tests, and business components.

  • Custom Test Scripts
  • Test Scenarios
  • Automation
  • Inbuilt functional tests
  • Support OOTB screens

Technology Services

Our solutions are not only innovative, but they are also customized and configured to your specific business. We build a state-of-the-art software solution in place to easily scale, expand and adapt as your needs evolve.

  • Software Development
  • Automation Testing
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Consulting

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