Intelligent Data Management

DataManager is an advanced and flexible data management tool designed to work in combination with both SWAN and AutomQA. Pre-built with the capabilities to understand business flows and screen navigations, DataManager is the glue that makes data migration and automated testing seamless.

Key Features of DataManager

To support an increasingly dynamic development processes, it is important to have fast and seamless access to the appropriate test data. DataManager is built with Artificial Intelligence that understands existing structures and business flows, allowing it to deliver the required test data for both SWAN and AutomQA.

  • Pre-built Functionalities. DataManager understands business flows and delivers data to application screen navigations per your requirements.
  • Data Masking. DataManager gives you the ability to have comprehensive data conversion and data masking throughout the entire testing process.
  • Compatibility. DataManager is not only compatible with SWAN and AutomQA, but also has the ability to quickly conform to your systems and specific scenarios.
  • Intelligent data management. DataManager provides flexible options to store and retrieve data structures and supports application structures.
  • Data classification. DataManager creates replicas of financial transactions for a specific period of time giving you the ability to perform end-end testing.

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